Do you want to keep playing?

Do you want to keep playing?

Published by: Ben and Jono
114 Episodes | First Released: Apr 4 '17
Join Ben and Jono every week as they play the first 30 minutes of a game and then ask the question “Do you want to Keep Playing?”.
Matt Boylson
Sep 10 '19
Rating:   10
A highlight of my week

Is this where normies go to listen to podcasts? I’m a freak who uses Spotify, but I came here to review these entertaining Englishmen. I always look forward to Tuesday for the release of this show. The guys are awesome and will listen to your feedback and recommendations. Their passion for games and the industry helps keep me excited and their perspectives are unique, being from within the industry themselves. Cheers from America, Ben and Jono! Keep up the great work.

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Jan 8 '19
Rating:   8
Needs more west country

Even though they were clearly paid a lot of money by netflix to say that Death Note the movie was in any way good at all (lol), this has still become one of my favorite podcasts to listen to while at work. Despite our tastes in games being very different they always try to stay positive and are willing to admit that perhaps some games are just not for them personally. An outlook that is super appreciated in an age where angry gamers seems to be the norm for this type of thing. So in conclusion yes, I would like to keep listening.

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