Jan 21, 201455m
DJ KEL-WIN! Nas ILLMATIC: The Samples Mixtape
Jan 21 '1455m
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illmatic Samples: The Mixtape 1. Subway Theme (from the motion picture "Wild Stye) - DJ Grand Wizard Theodore (Sample for "Genesis") 2. Mind Rain - Joe Chambers (Sample for "N.Y. State of Mind") 3. Yearning for Your Love - The Gap Band (Sample for "Life's a B") 4. It's Yourz - T La Rock (Sample for "The World Is Yours") 5. I Love Music - Ahmad Jamal (Sample for "The World Is Yours" 6. Soul Travelin' - Gary Byrd (Sample for "Halftime") 7. School Boy Crush - The Average White Band (Sample for "Halftime") 8. Dead End - Japanese Hair Cast (Sample for "Halftime") 9. We're In Love - Reuben Wilson (Sample for "Memory Lane") 10. Smiling Billy Suite, Pt. II - The Heath Brothers (Sample for One Love") 11. Walter L - Jimmy Gordon and his Jazznpops Band (Sample for "One Time 4 Your Mind") 12. The Thief from Baghdad - Lee Erwin (Sample for "Represent") 13. Human Nature - Michael Jackson (Sample for "It Ain't hard to Tell") 14. Long Red - Mountain (Sample for "It Ain't hard to Tell") 15. N.T. - Kool & The Gang (Sample for "It Ain't Hard to Tell")

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