Episode #6: Skeleton Crew
Nov 4 '1252m
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Sometimes a few people talking is more intense than a full-fledged action scene. Such is the case with "Skeleton Crew," in which Chaplin finally sits down with Secretary of Defense Curry to talk options. Meanwhile, how does Grace do in command of the sub? Does the King subplot fare any better this week? And just what exactly does Curry mean when he says he wants to establish a new American empire? Tune in to find out.


0:45 - Intro, episode synopsis and clip
6:00 - Christine and Kylie
7:17 - Jay Karnes as Curry, the negotiations
18:11 - Admiral Shepherd shoots April Grace
23:37 - Grace in command
29:00 - Navy SEALs can do anything
32:40 - Main topic: Curry and the "new American empire," predictions on what the future holds
43:38 - No more info on the magical element; did the soldiers stay or go?
50:20 - Show close

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