Start at Home (#10)

Episode of: Discipleship in Luke

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Mar 15, 201239m
Start at Home (#10)
Mar 15 '1239m
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Jesus’ preparation included study of the Torah, and spiritual maturing in wisdom and favor with God and man.  Once he was baptized and endured the temptation in the desert, he began his ministry among his home communities.  The area of Galilee became his base of operation.  The same was true of Paul.  He also became an expert in the bible and then allowed his ministry to grow first in the town of his conversion, and later in his home town and surrounding area.  It wasn’t until more than a decade after his conversion that Paul began his missions work.  


These two are good suggestions for our beginnings, too.  We should begin at home.  If you attend church, start there - just as they began in Synagogues.  Begin also at your place of work, in your own neighborhood, and go out and have some fun.  Play ball with guys outside the church, or take night classes, or whatever – but begin with things that are not too hard, very local, and where you can make the biggest impact as people see you change.  

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