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Luke 7 (#15)
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This lesson started out as a quick overview of chapters 7 & 8, but I ran out of time. 


Remember the two layers: 1) Jesus & his audience – and 2) Luke and his audience.  We skimmed over the bits and put it into “chunks,” as Luke laid it out for his audience … mostly to show them how Jesus dealt with his own people (Jews) and other groups of people.  You should practice doing this as you study through any gospel … break it into chunks, stories, thought ideas, parables, etc.  Then see the message the writer was trying to convey to his audience. 


Then – focus on Jesus and his audience.  As disciples, this is our primary interest.  We want to understand how Jesus handled different people differently, so we can handle them the same way.  How did Jesus treat religious folks, compared to “sinners,” and why?  How did he treat Jews differently than gentiles?  But mostly … we want to watch how Jesus trained the 12.  He started them off with the Sermon on the Plain in chapter 6 (last two lessons), and then now he’s demonstrating for them how to live that sermon.  Again: first he said it, and now he is demonstrating it.  He is giving himself to people, he’s sharing what he has … just as we should.  He had the miraculous gift of healing, but we have money and medicine and time … we can also be healers!  Should we “heal” only Christians?  Should we focus only on them?  How should we treat “sinners,” like the sinful woman who came to the religious guy’s house?  


Jesus taught us in the sermon to love people … now he shows us what that looks like in real life.

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