Dublin Dad Invents Ingenious Way To Bond With His Teenage Son

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Aug 14, 20198m
Dublin Dad Invents Ingenious Way To Bond With His Teenage Son
Aug 148m
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'You Win' For most parents, connecting with their teenager has always been a real struggle, and now, in 2019, with the likes of smartphones, tablets and social media, it has become even more difficult. Well one man who wanted to nip the division between him and his son at the bud is Dubliner Aidan Deering. When Seán (his son) was 13, Aidan was struggling to build a relationship with him due to the aforementioned obstacles and the obvious surge of hormones as a teen. So he asked himself, "How can I touch base with him?". I didn't want him to be 15/16 and not talking to me Being the avid old-school gamer he is, he one day had an epiphany to make a retro arcade machine that he and his son could play together. And it worked. Genius! But it did take over 8 months (about 1500 hours) he reckons, as it is built from scratch. Baz Ashmawy, who's filling in on Dermot and Dave, chats to the resourceful dad about his brainchild and how he turned it into a full-time business. Aidan says, "we played Mortal Kombat for the first time and we had a connection straight away. After a couple of weeks the relationship changed". This then led to his company www.miniarcaderentals.com (where you can buy these incredible machines), which has had some pretty big celebrity interest. Like 'The Notorious' himself:   View this post on Instagram   Conor chuffed with his new customised arcade machine #conormcgregor #mcgregor #arcade #machine #mma #ufc #console #gaming #retro #ireland #systems #streetfighter # notorious #CMG #fighting #doublechamp #boxing A post shared by Mini Arcade Systems (@miniarcadesystems) on Feb 16, 2018 at 1:29pm PST Check out Aidan's story in full by pressing the play button on screen.  

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