EP 65 - Sunspot Solar Observatory Closed Due To Golf Rumors?

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Sep 17, 201828m
EP 65 - Sunspot Solar Observatory Closed Due To Golf Rumors?
Sep 17 '1828m
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Today we look into Dark Web Mystery Boxes to see if there is any truth to the, then we go to New Mexico to investigate whether or not Dead Rabbit Radio shut down the Sunspot Solar Observatory.

Youtubers have started ordering mystery boxes off of the Dark Web and opening them on camera. These boxes are full of creepy items that supposedly come from serial killers, drug runners, and worse. But is their any truth to this new fad?

Then we visit the sunny state of New Mexico to see if we can answer the mystery of the shutdown of a solar observatory. Was it possibly related to “Golf Rumors?”



I bought a mystery box off the dark web



YouTubers are Playing with Pure Evil in Web Mystery Box Challenge



YouTubers are buying mystery boxes from the Dark Web — and it’s as creepy as you’d expect



YouTubers Are Opening Haunted Dybbuk Boxes from the Dark Web




Someone has bid over £35,000 on eBay for a mystery box even though no one but the seller has a clue what's in it



Unboxing - Deep Web Credit Card



FBI mum about sudden closing of solar observatory. Conspiracy theories fill the silence



Solar Observatory shutdown: Huge 'UFO captured on sun feed' before FBI closure



SUPER solar flare to WIPE OUT humanity, theorists fear after solar observatory shut down



Why is Sunspot Solar Observatory closed?



New Mexico observatory's sudden closure sparks wild speculation



FBI and Blackhawk choppers: National Solar Observatory shuts over mysterious ‘security issue’



ALIEN CONSPIRACY: Mystery as FBI SHUTS DOWN observatory - ‘They just EVACUATED us’



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