Jun 20, 20191h 12m
Team Girl Tribe
Jun 20 '191h 12m
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You know the Girl Tribe girls, Carrie Barker and Sarah Baucom. But do you know their boys, Derek and Ryan? Well, you will after listening in on the triple date night we had with them. You’ll learn how Carrie and Sarah turned a high school “close acquaintanceship” into two besties starting and now running one of the fastest growing businesses in Charlotte, why none of us will be chairing our local chapters of the La Leche League anytime soon, and that “be the scientist” is the relationship advice you never knew you needed. Listen in and enjoy getting to know the masterminds behind this powerful business turned #girlpower movement, and their super supportive partners who help free them up enough to make it all happen. Jake, in particular, was pumped to commiserate (ahem... hear from) some other dads who do heavy lifting kiddo duties. And to accidentally play for the girls' team during Catchphrase. AGAIN. We’d love to hear from you! Please share, comment and also suggest ideas for future guests! For past episodes please visit jakeandpage.com.

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