Page and Jake's Takes: My Thing Your Thing

Episode of: Date Night with Jake and Page

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Jul 6, 201914m
Page and Jake's Takes: My Thing Your Thing
Jul 6 '1914m
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You already know what time it is. Buckle up for another episode of Page and Jake's Takes, where parenting topics are bandied about. What? My thing. Your thing. Scoreboard. Keeping score. Whatever you want to call it, this is how we run our house, relationships, chores, trips, etc. Jake gets a guys trip? You better believe Page will have one with her girlfriends before the end of the year. Page primarily does laundry, dishes, communication with teachers; Jake does bills, car stuff and emptying bookbags/homework. No "secret contracts" no trying to sneak one past the other person. Some people think we're nuts, some people swear by this method. Knock on wood, it's worked for us for 13 years. What works for you and your spouse? Believe us, we are open to advice! We’d love to hear from you! Please subscribe, share, comment and also suggest ideas for future guests! For past episodes please visit Thanks for listening!

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