Page and Jake's Takes: Family Vacation Rules

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May 2, 201915m
Page and Jake's Takes: Family Vacation Rules
May 2 '1915m
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Welcome to another round of Page and Jake’s Takes, where we offer super-extra-barely-mild opinions on parenting-related topics. Family vacations. Do those even exist? Or should they be called family trips? We've taken the kids to a million places, but can only recall one trip where they behaved from start to finish. The trip was to Utah in 2017, and it made us think that we had this parenting thing down. It was incredible. We laughed, we hiked, we ate real food. Then we went to a local park a couple months later and we were convinced that DSS should probably take our kids away. So what's the best way to tackle family vacations? Are there rules? Expectations that should be set? Or should you just say screw it and let the chips - or Goldfish - fall where they may? We’d love to hear from you! Please share, comment and also suggest ideas for future guests! For past episodes please visit

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