Apr 18, 20191h 8m
Liz Hilliard & Lee Kennelly
Apr 18 '191h 8m
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Have you ever had a secret so juicy you just had to tell someone even if it wasn’t yours to tell? And have you ever gotten a few of those details dead wrong in the telling of what you thought? Saw? Heard? Had someone’s sister’s husband’s friend’s neighbor’s Aunt LuAnn repeat on a garbled voicemail that you used as your source anyway? *hand raise emoji* That’s how a lot of people in the Charlotte area (and beyond) felt about a year ago when they started hearing rumors about our latest Date Night guests. So Liz Hilliard and Lee Kennelly decided it was time to set the record straight. Did you hear that Liz is transitioning to become a man? That’s FALSE. Did you hear Liz and Lee were besties who are now a couple? That’s TRUE. Did you hear they’re lesbians? Well, that depends on your definition… On this latest episode of the “Date Night with Jake and Page” podcast we all laughed...and some of us cried. We came away with a deeper understanding of two loving individuals who are just that. Loving. And individuals. So in that spirit we’d ask that you please listen with an open mind and heart. If you choose to comment or share, please be respectful of the fact that theirs is a story that affects people far beyond just themselves. We so appreciate that they trusted us to help tell it and we hope you all do too. And yes…it was #DateNightCLT, y’all…so you know we ended with a game of CatchPhrase. And yes…the girls continued on their winning streak. But with this couple in particular, that still doesn’t tell you everything there is to know, does it? Listen in to find out for yourself… We'd love to hear from you! Please share, comment and also suggest ideas for future guests! For past episodes please visit jakeandpage.com.

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