A&R, Collaborations, K-Pop Girl Groups (Ep. 10)

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Sep 13, 201718m
A&R, Collaborations, K-Pop Girl Groups (Ep. 10)
Sep 13 '1718m
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Episode 10! Double digits now, and I'm starting to get the hang of this! This week has been quite calm around the house, but I was able to see TAEYANG in LA yesterday! He was simply outstanding. I'll be talking about all that and more on this episode of Danny's K-Pop Podcast! Dial-in and ask me anything: +1.567-39-DANNY. On this episode: 00:00 - Update on my everyday life and the TAEYANG show in LA 03:42 - Who are some of the unsung heroes at YG, and what roles do they play in making sure that the company runs like it is supposed to? 07:00 - What were some of your favorite collaborations from your days as an artist? Also, what artists from the present time would you want to collaborate with if 1TYM was still active? 10:03 - What’s your opinion on Korea’s reaction to groups that don’t necessarily follow the norm of K-Pop trends? 14:40 - Rapidfire Instagram Questions If you would like to see more, you can find me here: www.twitter.com/dannyim www.instagram.com/dannyim

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