Sir Gordon Tietjens: 'It was shattering'

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Feb 5, 20188m
Sir Gordon Tietjens: 'It was shattering'
Feb 5 '188m
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The Hamilton Sevens took the tron by storm this weekend, with a stellar seires that saw Fiji claim the title.  New Zealand got knocked out by Fiji, but in turn, potentially should have been knocked out by Samoa. Some controversial referring saw what many see as a forward pass being allowed.  Sir Gordon Tietjins, coach of the Samoan side, spoke to D'Arcy and Goran about the loss. "It comes down to inches, really, and defining moments, and it was one of those moments. "It was shattering at the time but you get over it and you move on." He said the players got a lot of self-belief out of the match despite the lost. LISTEN TO GORDON TIETJINS TALK WITH D'ARCY AND GORAN ABOVE

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