Scott Dixon: 'I'm looking forward to it'

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Mar 9, 201810m
Scott Dixon: 'I'm looking forward to it'
Mar 9 '1810m
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The Indycar series is set to get underway for 2018. The Grand Prix of St Petersburg kicks off on Monday New Zealand time, and will once again feature a familiar Kiwi. Scott Dixon told D'Arcy and Goran he is looking forward to what he believes is his 18th season.  "There's been a lot of changes across the board, and a lot of anticipation as always, and a little bit of nerves." He says the smaller team, down to two from four, was an attempt to get back to basics. He also spoke about all the new faces that will be part of the competition this year, including on his own team.  LISTEN TO SCOTT DIXON TALK WITH D'ARCY AND GORAN ABOVE

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