4 Episodes | First Released: May 3
Welcome to Cut The Knafeh (CTK) - A Millennial Muslim-American "living room conversation" show co-hosted by Raihan Faroqui & Mariam Masri from NYC on all the juicy topics in the Muslim community. We keep it hella funny and drop the real ish. From faith struggles to dating & relationships to 'Muslims in Pop Culture' to activism/politics and mental health, we cover it all! We provide a refreshing, relatable, and funny take (both male/female perspectives) on today's hot issues. Join our conversation!
Jun 21
Rating:   4
Not for me

Wanted to like this and subscribe, but topics are discussed in the most cringe-worthy way possible. Disagree with the other comment that this appeals to a wide variety of Muslim millennials—it does not. Piercing laughs from both hosts, unnecessary segues, phrase ‘quote on quote’ basically used as a filler. Seems to be an assumption that their experiences are relatable, but they are not. Glad this exists for those who like it, but lacking appeal for me.

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Jun 20
Rating:   10
CTK is a must listen for young Muslims

Cut The Knafeh is the freshest & most relatable content for a Muslim millennial - it’s hilarious, edgy, and caters to both observant and non-religious Muslims. A win for all!

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