Ep. 10 | Chael Sonnen

Episode of: Curious with Josh Peck

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Jul 10, 20181h 15m
Ep. 10 | Chael Sonnen
Jul 10 '181h 15m
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Chael Sonnen could beat me up, no question. Chael is one of the greatest Mixed Martial Artists alive. For the UFC and now BELLATOR, Chael has fought some of the baddest men on earth including Jon Jones and Anderson Silva to name a few, all while perfecting the art of trash talk. We talk about how to handle yourself in a fight, why performance enhancing drugs work, McGregor, Mayweather and much much more. Chael will be fighting Fedor Emelianenko in October for the Bellator Heavyweight World Grand Prix. Follow @Bellatormma on social media for more info on the fight.

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