Does Weather Affect our Health?

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Mar 25, 201726m
Does Weather Affect our Health?
Mar 25 '1726m
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Do your joints ache when it's raining? Are you blighted with headaches when the wind picks up? If the answer’s yes then you're definitely not alone. People have been linking their heath to the weather since the time of the Ancient Greeks - but is the effect real? CrowdScience heads for the hills and gets closer to the clouds to have a go at answering this 2,500 year old question. People who believe they’re sensitive to the weather aren’t always taken seriously. But presenter Datshiane Navanayagam hears about the latest ground-breaking experiments that show there's a lot more to it than folklore. And if you've ever wondered why you're particularly prone to aches and pains in the winter, the answer could all be in your genes. Do you have a question we can turn into a programme? Email us at Presenter: Datshiane Navanayagam Producer: Anna Lacey (Image: Man looking up to grey clouds. Credit: Thinkstock)

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