Creepy Kitch Episode 11: Gay Horror

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Feb 28, 20110m
Creepy Kitch Episode 11: Gay Horror
Feb 28 '110m
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Episode 11 is up!
We have our guest host Roy, from Sassycast host this extra fabulous episode of Creepy Kitch. We cover the two gay horror films Hellbent and Make a Wish. One we loved, the other we hated. Find out which!
We also discuss some fantastic books including Robert R. Best's Lakewood Memorial. (Edit by Stac: And also the Johannes Cabal books by Jonathon L. Howard. GO READ THEM OR I SWEAR TO HEAVEN I WILL FILLET YOU WHERE YOU POOP.)

And we also have a special discount offer from our friend Colleen from Wyng'd Lyon Creations!

Sorry if our sound quality is a little off folks, we're still working out the whole guest hosting on skype thing.

Hope ya'll enjoy!

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