CRACkCast E091 - Pancreas
Jul 17 '1718m
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This episode covers Chapter 91 of Rosen’s Emergency Medicine 8th edition (or Chapter 81 of the 9th edition).


  1. List 10 ddx for pancreatitis
  2. List 10 causes of pancreatitis. Which are most common in adults? Which one is most common in pediatrics?
  3. Describe 6 management priorities in acute pancreatitis.
  4. What are the early, late and chronic complications of pancreatitis?
  5. Describe Ranson’s criteria and Atlanta criteria
  6. List causes of chronic pancreatitis. What is the best diagnostic tool? What 4 findings can be seen?
  7. Describe the management of chronic pancreatitis (6 priorities)?
  8. What is the 5 year survival of pancreatic cancer? Describe typical clinical findings. How is it diagnosed? What is the management?



  1. Specifically list 10 drug causes.
  2. List 5 causes of false-positive amylase elevation.
  3. List 4 peripancreatic/local complications of pancreatitis that may be visualized on CT

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