May 11, 201730m
CRACKCast E077 - Pleural Disease
May 11 '1730m
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This episode covers Chapter 77 of Rosen’s Emergency Medicine. The Pleural Space is not to be trifled with!

  1. List 5 RFs for 1° spontaneous PTX.  
  2. What is the most common pathophysiologic cause of PTX?
  3. List 8 causes of 2° spontaneous PTX
  4. List 5 clinical findings suggestive of tension PTX
  5. Describe how to estimate the size of a PTX
  6. Describe the management of 1° and 2° spontaneous PTX
  7. Describe the procedure needle aspiration of a PTX. List 3 benefits of this over TT
  8. Describe the procedure of TT. List 6 complications of TT placement and contraindications.
  9. List 10 causes of pleural effusion.  What is the most common transudative and exudative?
  10. What is starling’s law and how does it apply to the development of pleural effusions
  11. List 5 CXR findings of pleural effusion
  12. Describe Light’s Criteria for pleural effusion and list 5 other tests to perform on pleural fluid. What does a low pH indicate?
  13. Describe the procedure of thoracentesis.  List 2 contraindications and 9 complications


Wise Cracks

  1. What is Catamenial pneumothorax? How is it tx?
  2. How do you properly Secure a chest tube?
  3. Describe the seldinger technique for chest tube insertion
  4. What are the false positives for PTX on lung U/S?

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