Oct 17, 201640m
CRACKCast E045 - Thoracic Trauma
Oct 17 '1640m
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This episode covers Chapter Chapter 45 of Rosen’s Emergency Medicine text book and is full of pearls for Thoracic Trauma.

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  1. Differentiate Chest wall injury, rib fracture, and flail chest

  2. Describe the clinical presentation and management of a sternal fracture

  3. Describe Injuries to lung parenchyma

  4. What is Traumatic asphyxia?

  5. List 6 indication for tube thoracostomy 

  6. Indications for OR Thoracotomy 

  7. What is the management of Diaphragmatic injury?

  8. Differentiate between myocardial concussion, contusion and rupture

  9. Review indications for ED Thoracotomy

  10. Describe your approach to identification and management of pericardial tamponade

  11. CXR findings for blunt aortic injury.
  12. List the 6 most common causes of esophageal perforation

  13. What is the Nexus CT Chest Rule?



  1. Clinical conditions that mimic esophageal perforation
  2. Describe the basic approach to ED thoracotomy
  3. What is Electrical Alternans?

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