Aug 22, 201640m
CRACKCast E037 - Trauma in Pregnancy
Aug 22 '1640m
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This episode covers Chapter 37 of Rosen's Emergency Medicine.With trauma in pregnancy we need to think about blunt vs. penetrating trauma. Many women do not know they are pregnant.

Episode Overview:

  • What is the threshold for fetal viability and how can this be estimated clinically?
  • List the expected physiologic changes during pregnancy.
  • List 8 unique considerations in the management of the pregnant trauma patient.
  • How is fetal distress detected?
  • Discuss placental abruption including the pathophysiology, clinical findings, diagnostic modalities, management, and complications.
  • List 2 potential uterine injuries
  • What is a safe radiation dose in pregnancy? What diagnostic tests have the potential to exceed this dose?
  • Describe early, variable, and late decelerations. What is the implication of each? What is one other indicator of fetal distress related to the FHR?


  • How is feto-maternal hemorrhage diagnosed and managed?
  • Describe specific management in the following conditions:
  • What are indications for peri-mortem c-sections. Describe the procedure.

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