CLO_054: To stay or to go?

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Apr 7, 201511m
CLO_054: To stay or to go?
Apr 7 '1511m
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Listen to this lesson, to learn what the following means: Dialogue: Numbers A: Huan1ying2 guang1lin2. Ni3 xu1yao4 shen2me? B: Wo3 yao4 yi2ge ji1rou4 han4bao3.
 A: Ni3 xu1yao4 yin3liao4 ma ?
 B: Dui4, wo3 yao4 yi1bei1 da4 bei1 ke3le4. 
A: Zhe4bian1 yong4 hai2shi4 wai4dai4? 
B: Zhe4bian1 yong4, xie4xie. Dialogue: Tones A: Huānyíng guānglín. Nǐ xūyào shénme? […]

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