CLO_008: Numbers II

Episode of: CLO Level 1 Lessons

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May 20, 20149m
CLO_008: Numbers II
May 20 '149m
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In this lesson you will learn: Numbers Numbers: yi1 bai3 yi1 bai3 ling2 yi1 yi1 bai3 ling2 wu3 yi1 bai3 ling2 jiu3 yi1 bai3 yi1 shi2 yi1 bai3 er4 shi2 yi1 bai3 qi1 shi2 yi1 bai3 san1 shi2 liu4 yi1 bai3 qi1 shi2 jiu3 yi1 bai3 wu3 shi2 si4 yi1 bai3 yi1 shi2 qi1 liang3 […]

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