Personal alarms hackable using phone numbers

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May 14, 201939m
Personal alarms hackable using phone numbers
May 14 '1939m
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Personal alarms with GPS can be hacked An investigation by Fidus Information Security has found that over 10,000 people are using personal alarms with GPS and phone data which can be hacked using the owner’s phone number. Andrew Mabbitt describes how these devices are at risk of being hacked and the danger this could pose to the wearer. Smart buildings can increase efficiency Dr Wendy Belluomini is the Director of IBM Research. She explains how IBM are developing AI and IoT to make our built environment respond to our physical and psychological needs – one day your office could even tell what mood you are in… The Internet of Plants might help your garden Louisa Field has just attended a workshop at the tech event republica 19 in Berlin where she helped build and program hardware which can check on your plants and their progress from anywhere and any device. Theoretical currency could prevent large scale fraud Professor Adrian Kent describes a theoretical framework, dubbed ‘S-money’, and how it could ensure completely unforgeable and secure authentication, and allow faster and more flexible responses than any existing financial technology by harnessing the combined power of quantum theory and relativity. (Photo: Personal alarm GPS.Credit: Fidus Information Security) Producer: Ania Lichtarowicz

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