Episode #69: Carrie (Part 2)

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Oct 22, 20131h 9m
Episode #69: Carrie (Part 2)
Oct 22 '131h 9m
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Special guest Charlie Nash stops by to help Monica argue with Andrew about Kimberly Peirce's version of Carrie. Is the film really a total waste of time? How is Carrie different in this version? What are the main themes it's exploring this time? Are the supporting characters better drawn in this version or the original? Tune in to find out. NOTE: There's a lot of talk about the De Palma film, so beware of a few spoilers if you haven't seen it!


0:22 - Intro
4:06 - Comparisons to Let Me In
11:40 - On remakes in general
14:53 - Carrie as a character
35:48 - Margaret's rape, themes of blood and trauma
43:57 - Supporting characters and their development
1:01:12 - YouTube and Tommy's demise
1:04:09 - Tuxedos!
1:06:42 - Show close

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