Episode #25: Cloud Atlas

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Nov 22, 201254m
Episode #25: Cloud Atlas
Nov 22 '1254m
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In this special bonus episode of the show, Andrew and Monica spend nearly an hour trying to unravel the mysteries of Cloud Atlas. Is this sci-fi epic a revolutionary piece of cinema or just a flawed experiment?  They discuss everything from the film's casting to how its philosophy is different from that of The Matrix. Does the film seem to think that mankind is capable of great change, or are we just doomed to repeat the same mistakes? Tune in to find out.


0:22 - Intro and clip
5:16 - Quick spoiler-free thoughts
10:13 - Which of the stories is the best?
18:48 - The music
21:00 - Casting, birthmarks and the primary theme of the film
29:15 - The last scene and whether the film is ultimately pessimistic
35:36 - Futuristic forms of oppression (or lack thereof)
38:08 - Comparing the Christ-figures of Cloud Atlas with those of The Matrix
45:00 - Mexican Doona Bae, Timothy Cavendish and other lingering thoughts and questions
52:25 - Show close

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