Episode #22: Pitch Perfect (Part 2)

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Oct 10, 201232m
Episode #22: Pitch Perfect (Part 2)
Oct 10 '1232m
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Get ready to get pitch-slapped! Andrew and Monica arguably go a bit too far in their spoiler-filled analysis of Pitch Perfect, tackling everything from the marketing to its presentation of obesity and gender. Are films like this just a corporate cash-grab? How is Rebel Wilson different from Melissa McCarthy? And what’s up with all the John Hughes love in movies lately? Tune in to find out. SHOW NOTES: 0:22 - Intro and clip 2:14 - A battle of the sexes 6:05 - Controlling the group’s sexuality, feminism, etc. 8:36 - A corporate cash-grab? 12:29 - Similarities with Bridesmaids, the gross-out comedy 15:50 - Comparing Rebel Wilson’s presentation of overweight characters to that of Melissa McCarthy 22:53 - Yet another movie that loves John Hughes 26:58 - Awkward jokes about race and homosexuality 29:58 - Show close DON'T FORGET: You can contact the show by emailing cinemafix@filmgeekradio.com. Thanks for listening!

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