33 Dellen Millard and the murder of his father

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Oct 15, 20181h 2m
33 Dellen Millard and the murder of his father
Oct 15 '181h 2m
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He's already in jail for two consequtive life sentences for two murders - Tim Bosma and Laura Babcock. In this final episode, we find out what happened with the murder of Dellen Millard's father, Wayne Millard.

If you've listened to the previous episodes:
I do provide a recap right at the beginning.

If you missed any or all of the previous episodes:
I encourage you to go back and listen before you listen to this one. It's a complicated, interwoven story.
-  Part 1: episodes 7, 8 and 9 (the murder of Tim Bosma)
-  Part 2: episodes 19 and 20 (the murder of Laura Babcock)

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Research assistance: Eliot K Waddingham
Audio production: Erik Krosby
Writing, research, narration and music arrangement: Kristi Lee
Disclaimer voiced by the host of Beyond Bizarre True Crime

All credits and information sources will be found on the page for this episode at www.canadiantruecrime.ca.

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