18 Robert Pickton - Part 4

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Jan 21, 20181h 34m
18 Robert Pickton - Part 4
Jan 21 '181h 34m
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[Part 4 of 4] In this final episode, we find out about Robert Pickton's interrogation, processing Canada's largest crime scene, what happened in the trial, and the aftermath. 

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BOOK: On the Farm - Robert William Pickton and the tragic story of Vancouver's Missing Women, by Stevie Cameron
PODCAST: CANADALAND Commons  Episode:  Invisible Victims: How Police Botched the Robert Pickton Case

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Research and writing: Meg Zhang and Kristi Lee
Audio production and additional original scoring: Erik Krosby
Special thanks to Wednesday LaChance

Information sources:
Can be found with the episode at www.canadiantruecrime.ca in the week after the episode is uploaded.

Music credits:
Erik Krosby - composer and producer of original music used
Sarah Aubrey - Pidgeon Park (performed by Girl Most Likely) (lyrics below)
Music below is used under an Attribution License - http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
Podcast theme music: Space Trip.  http://www.dl-sounds.com/royalty-free/space-trip/
Kevin MacLeod - Blue Feather
Kevin MacLeod - Colorless Aura
Kevin MacLeod - Silver Flame
Kevin MacLeod - Zombie Hoodoo
Kevin MacLeod - Long Note One
Misha Dioxin - From the Arctic Circle to the Southern Seas
Poddington Bear - Dark Water
ROZKOL - If these
Sergey Cheremisinov - 05 - Fog
Ars Sonor - cellular fugue II
Chris Zabriskie - Cylinders 7
Kai Engel - Aspirato
Kai Engel - Difference
Chris Zabriskie - Brethren, Arise
Kai Engel - Modum
Chris Zabriskie - I'm a man who will fight for your honour
Kevin McLeod - Colorless Aura
Kai Engel - Warm of Mechanical Heart
Serrgey Cheremisinov - MOthers Hands
Kevin McLeod - Lightless Dawn


Pigeon Park
By Sarah Aubrey

On street corners and public places
The needles take the ashen faces
Pigeon park is empty except for litter and the stains
The crows pick at carcasses in the last pieces of day

Oh company
Oh it’s all we seek

Chinamen fill the gutters and they kick at the decay
While men in silver towers watch the city crumble away
Metal winches buildings holding everything in place
While the sticks and shells of people take their part in the human race

Oh company
Oh it’s all we need
Oh company
Oh it’s all seek

People walk and people talk and they come and go again
Everyone locked in silence with the music in their ears
Through the silt and the glue
The weeds and the stone
There’s pebbles in everyone’s pockets and they can feel it in their bones

Oh company
Oh it’s all we need
Oh company
Oh it’s all we seek


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