096 - Raising Bilingual Children with Maritere Rodriguez Bellas

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Jan 21, 201933m
096 - Raising Bilingual Children with Maritere Rodriguez Bellas
Jan 21 '1933m
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Hello listeners, we're back this week with Maritere Rodriguez Bellas. Maritere is an award-winning author, bilingual and bicultural parenting expert, influencer, features writer, and speaker with a master’s degree in communications from Pepperdine University in California. Realizing she could combine her two life passions, writing and motherhood, Maritere became a voice for Latino parents long before the existence of online parenting resources. For twelve years, Maritere wrote a highly regarded and influential parenting column for La Opinión, the largest Spanish language newspaper in the country. During that time, she also wrote for the national magazines Ser Padres and Healthy Kids en Español and Exito! Chicago. For four years, her articles appeared in Vista magazine, distributed nationally and online via the ImpreMedia group, in the top 15 U.S. Hispanic markets. A parenting blogger since the fall of 2014, she is a contributor to online publications like Connect Her Media, Dual Language Schools Organization, and HipLatina, and she is a guest writer for Huffington Post. Maritere has been featured in Alegria Bilingual Magazine, Latina Style, todobebé.com, mamásporelmundo.com, El Nuevo Día, and El Post Antillano, among others. She has also been featured in many popular podcasts: Super Mamás, Bilingual Avenue,and the New 30 Podcast. Most recently, she has been collaborating Dual Language Schools organization on a video series in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, and she has collaborated with MomsRising.org/MamásconPoder as a bilingual resource for parents. Her website www.maritererodriguezbellas, where she blogs, is a place where she shares her wisdom as a Latina author and as a mom. Maritere appears regularly on Spanish language media (Univision and Telemundo) sharing her parenting expertise. She was just named Hispanic Style 2018 Latina of Influence and was nominated for a 2018 Tecla Award in the parenting category by the Hispanicize Media Group (HMG). Most recently, Mari won a Puerto Rico Blog Award under the education category. Listeners, Maritere and I talk about her life growing up and how she got into writing. Mari shares a beautiful story of someone becoming her champion and how this instance propelled her writing career, we talk about Puerto Rico and the devastation after Maria, and of course, we talk about raising bilingual kids in the U.S. This episode is brought to you by Snoozet, the fabric pocket that lets you live outside your phone (snoozet.com) Find Maritere on all things social: www.Maritererodriguezbellas.com www.instagram.com/latinaboomermom/ www.facebook.com/maritererodriguezbellas www.twitter.com/maritererbellas Find Cafe con Pam on all things social www.instagram.com/cafeconpampodcast/ www.facebook.com/cafeconpampodcast www.spreadideasmovepeople.com/podcast For the Small Biz Support Program head over to spreadideasmovepeople.com/sbsp Share this episode with someone you love And don't forget to Stay Shining!

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