063 - Conscious Parenting with Danellia Arechiga

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Feb 15, 20181h 9m
063 - Conscious Parenting with Danellia Arechiga
Feb 15 '181h 9m
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Hello listeners! This week we had a conversation with Danellia Arechiga. Danellia, is a single mother, full spectrum doula, childbirth educator, lactivist, placenta encapsulation specialist, and advocate for conscious, intentional, and peaceful parenting. She has spent the better part of her adult life trying to understand her cultural identity and in doing so, she has uncovered how cycles of emotional and physical abuse within our family lines can have a significant impact on how future generations can continue the cycle or break it. She is currently trying to raise awareness within the Latinx community about a more conscious way of parenting that starts as early as the birth. This parenting style encourages mutual respect between the parent and child and empowers children to speak their minds and share their ideas in hopes that they will break these cycles of abuse and trauma for future generations. For all things social find Dani @mamiamorbirth Stay Shining! @cafeconpampodcast

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