055 - The Importance of Creative Collaborations with Susanna Peredo Swap

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Dec 8, 20171h 32m
055 - The Importance of Creative Collaborations with Susanna Peredo Swap
Dec 8 '171h 32m
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Hello listeners, We're back another week and this time we had a conversation with Susanna Peredo Swap. Susanna has over twenty years of experience as an arts administrator, actor, jazz vocalist, arts advocate, and public relations specialist. While working for the San Diego International Airport Art Program she curated over eighty exhibitions with some of San Diego’s best museums, artists and galleries; as well as a fantastic roster of talent for its performing arts series. She currently serves on the board of the San Diego Art Institute and has previously served as VP of the Alliance Française de San Diego, VP of the San Diego REPertory Theatre, President of the National City Public Art Committee and Vice Chair on the Port of San Diego’s Public Art Committee. Susanna is a magna cum laude graduate of San Diego State University where she majored in Humanities, and minored in French. She holds a Professional Certificate in The Cycle: Management of Successful Arts and Cultural Organizations from the Devos Institute of Arts Management, University of Maryland; a Professional Certificate in Business for Arts and Nonprofit Arts Organizations from University of San Diego; a Certificate in Photography: Images and Techniques from University of California, San Diego; studied Art History at the Université Paris Sorbonne (Paris IV); and History of Video Art at the École du Louvre in Paris, France. Her passion for the visual, performing, and culinary arts has taken her to over fifteen countries and inspired her to create an organization that aims to bring people together across different backgrounds, interests and creative professions. We talked about Susanna's childhood between Mexico and San Diego. What it was like to live in a border town, how she travelled abroad since she was young and how discovering other cultures lead her to ultimately do what she does now. We also talked about the importance of creative collaborations and how bringing people together creates a stronger community with a richer culture. Find out about Vanguar Culture on all things social: @vanguardculture Let me know your thoughts! And listeners, Stay Shining! @cafeconpampodcast

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