033 - Chicano Eats with Esteban Castillo

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May 31, 20175h 4m
033 - Chicano Eats with Esteban Castillo
May 31 '175h 4m
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Hello listeners! Here we are at Episode 33 with the one and only Esteban Castillo better known as Chicano Eats. Esteban is a Queer Chicano living in Southern California with his life partner and two dogs. He is a communications professional and graphic designer by day, and avid home cook by night. He is also the author of the food blog, “Chicano Eats” where he gives Mexican food a minimalist and colorful treatment and explores his identity as a Chicano through stories and food. During our conversation, Esteban and I talked about his story, how he started blogging, the importance of having a supportive partner, about him wearing huaraches, and at the end how an innocent joke ended up being a really dirty one. If you don't follow his beautifully curated Instagram feed, do so now at @chicanoeats

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