Holy Shizznite it has been a while.

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Mar 16, 20080m
Holy Shizznite it has been a while.
Mar 16 '080m
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Dear anyone and everyone.
I've decided to start back up again.
I've also decided to end The Adventures of Megatron Jimmy Bob Jr. the 5th and begin anew. It will contain most characters, some will be new.
The new series is called: Super Happy Awesome Fun Time or S.H.A.F.T. for short. In my words ill call its ATHF meets a LOST kinda mystery show.
I'll probably be pre-producing it this week and it will be out by the first week of April.
Also to any actual fans, spread the word. Infect another human with the audacity of C. Moth Productions.
Peace, I'm Outty.

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