Keep an Eye on Your Vision and Don’t Lose Track of Your Goals

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Apr 10, 201856m
Keep an Eye on Your Vision and Don’t Lose Track of Your Goals
Apr 10 '1856m
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My guest this week is a self-declared Nebraska farm boy whose first career pursuit was athletic medicine. He later realized that athletic trainers are really married to their job, and this wasn’t the lifestyle he wanted for himself. Dave Maloley then switched to dentistry and never looked back. Today we talk about why it’s necessary to keep an eye on your vision, and why you should constantly remind yourself of what’s important to you. We also touch on Dave’s 16 life categories that help him be more focused on his goals, on how he discovered high-performance training and how it completely turned his life around. Finally, it’s useful to remind you that you can always sign up for the Dental Success Network, whenever you have questions, or if you need to double-check something. It’s an enormously valuable resource. Key takeaways: Building vision and clarity Dave’s 16 life categories How high-performance training changed his life The Dental Success Network initiative Links: The Relentless Dentist Podcast The Code of the Extraordinary Mind: 10 Unconventional Laws to Redefine Your Life and Succeed On Your Own Terms Dental Success Network Want to receive our podcast on a weekly basis? Subscribe to our newsletter!   Building vision and clarity Just like our health or our business, vision is something we usually struggle with. We always need to mold or tweak it to make it work. It’s also, I would say too easy, to get distracted. Dave personally let his own vision get hijacked by other people on numerous occasions. Sometimes he is able to bend things to his will, and he always tries to figure out where his negotiables and non-negotiables are. He constantly tries to get clearer and clearer about the things that he wants, and the ones that he doesn’t. One of the things Dave does in order to build clarity is putting aside a full day at the end of each year, where he breaks down his life into 16 different categories and analyses it. Another thing he does is having a list of friends on his whiteboard, it reminds him of who he needs to connect with. This way he makes sure that he doesn’t get too wrapped up in the business of life that he forgets to nurture his friendships. Our most valuable resource is time. So by keeping a list of friends on the whiteboard, Dave makes sure that he schedules time to spend with the most important people in his life. Dave’s 16 life categories Breaking down his life achievements into 16 categories and analyzing the data at the end of each year provides Dave with a lot of clarity. Decisions become almost automatic. He admits that this takes some work and that he is not always spot on. This model may be too structural for some people, but it can prove itself to be a powerful tool that streamlines decision-making of what’s important and not important for you. He has four categories (GOAL: generosity, optimism, audacity, levity) showing up as an alarm on his phone at 10 am every day, reminding him that he needs to improve in these areas. Four other categories (truth, courage, faith, and power) have always been on his mind and he always tried to stay true to them. For him, the truth is about having integrity and never compromising your ethics. How high-performance training changed his life After going through a very tough period, Dave discovered high-performance training. His mentor was Brendon Burchard, a best-selling author, and coach. So what is high-performance training? It’s succeeding beyond standard norms over the long haul. We can all have a great year, but how can we have a great decade, a great career? HPT focuses on five things: Clarity: you need to be crystal-clear about what you want, and more importantly, about what you don’t want. Energy: you have to create ways (for instance through delegation, leadership, automation, or eliminating things from your life) in order to stay on top of everything and not feel run down at t...

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