Dental Hack In The House – Interview With Dr. Alan Mead

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Oct 28, 201637m
Dental Hack In The House – Interview With Dr. Alan Mead
Oct 28 '1637m
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We have a couple of things to celebrate this week. First, I am honored to have a fellow dentist and podcaster, Dr. Alan Mead, on the show. He was in town to present a continuing education course to my referring doctors and staff so I was able to lure him into to the office for an interview. Second, this is a milestone for the podcast. It is episode 50...thanks for all the encouragement and support! I didn't release an episode last week because the timing was perfect to have Dr. Mead a part of this 50th episode of the Business of Dentistry. Enjoy! More About This Show To kick off the show, Dr. Alan and I talk a bit about his background before jumping into a deeper discussion about the clinical side of his practice as well as his thoughts on social media for the dentistry industry as a whole. If you don't already listen to him on The Dental Hacks podcast, you may not know that Dr. Alan Mead is a general dentist who practices in Saginaw, Michigan. He graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1997 and has had his own private practice since 1998. He admits he made a lot of mistakes and didn't know a thing about running a practice back then! In 2006 he started listening to podcasts and then began co-hosting a show with Dr. Jason Lipscomb in 2014. The Dental Hacks podcast has launched 118 episodes then and is going strong after two years. On this fiftieth edition of Business of Dentistry, he also explains why he hasn't created multiple practices like some dentists, and why he prefers the clinical of dentistry, the "nerdy side" as he calls it! In his experience, people who run multiple practices have to be detached, and can't be very hands on within their practices. Rather than run multiple practices, Dr. Alan likes to focus on the clinical side of things. He shares an obsession he has in his practice: microscopes. He has four of them in his office! Despite not necessarily providing a good return on the investment, he uses them because they allow him to see things better and document them better. He uses his microscopes for most everything, if time allows. He says using a microscope can take a good bit of time and can slow you down. He has also found that the best money spent on these has been in his dental hygiene rooms. Whenever he does an exam, he has a video recorder with an HD camera that records the exams and also takes still photos. He also has monitors mounted on the wall and ceiling so his patients can watch while he's doing their exam, they get to see what he's talking about as he is explaining what he has found during their exam. It's a much more patient-friendly experience, and even though he doesn't market his technology he says their revenue went up $25k the year he put in the equipment. We switch gears a bit after talking about the clinical aspect of his practice and focus on social media. I asked him how he sees social media fitting into the dental industry as a whole. He has found Facebook is good way to maintain relationships, but he is not sure if it's good for getting new patients. The key to social media, whether it's Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or anything else, is the authenticity. People want to see your real life, they want to see your office team and your daily life at the office. Giving them an authentic look at what your day to day life is provides a better, richer connection than anything else. And he strongly recommends you do your own social media, not a company. You can have a staff member do it, but it must be someone within your team. Also on today's edition, Dr. Alan tells the story of how The Dental Hacks podcast came to be, whether or not Facebook ads are effective and why he prefers to let his staff handle the sales side of things. Check it out and then join me in thanking Dr. Alan Mead for being here, and thank you for listening to episode 50 of Business of Dentistry! Tweetable: "Nothing is ever perfect!" Episode Resources

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