Baldness and Bambi

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Apr 10, 201913m
Baldness and Bambi
Apr 1013m
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This is the nearest faraway place for Patrick Marber and Peter Curran. Here they endeavour to get the heart of things in an entertainingly vague and indirect way. This is not the place for typical male banter. From under the bed clothes they play each other snippets of music and the voices of famous dead people from BBC Archive. Childhood, ruined ambition, work, family and death are their slightly warped conversational currencies. Writers/Performers: PETER CURRAN is a publisher, broadcaster, writer and BBC documentary maker working in South Africa, America, Brazil, Ireland, and the Arctic Circle. He’s written and presented numerous Arts and culture programmes for both radio and television. PATRICK MARBER is a playwright, director and screenwriter. He co-wrote and performed in Knowing Me, Knowing You with Alan Partridge, and The Day Today. His plays include Dealer's Choice, After Miss Julie, Closer, Don Juan in Soho, and The Red Lion.

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