Bari J. Covers Quilt Market pt.2 - Show #117

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Nov 7, 20096m
Bari J. Covers Quilt Market pt.2 - Show #117
Nov 7 '096m
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With Daria expecting a baby in December, Designer and Friend Bari J. Ackerman steps in and brings us some spectacular video coverage of Fall Quilt Market 2009! In the second installment of our Quilt Market Coverage, Bari interviews: the talented and lovely Paula Prass about her new fabric line "Woodland Delight", check out her popular blog for updates on her new pattern line release. Then Miss Sandi Henderson steps into the Boutique Cafe spotlight and discusses her new fabric line "Meadow Sweet", as well as patterns and her upcoming book called "Sewing Bits & Pieces". Learn more about Sandi on her beautiful blog as well.

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Please join me in thanking Bari for her outstanding efforts and contribution to Boutique Cafe. Several new interviews will be on the way in the coming weeks thanks to her! XO Bari, we love you ~ Daria

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