18 Episodes | First Released: Jun 28 '18
Bossman Fitness Radio hosted by Health and Lifestyle influencer Matt Bouback who features discussions that go beyond conventional thought in health and fitness. The show will feature various leaders in the health and fitness industry that will add value through education and application. Each week we will have different topic things like Nutrition, Sleep, Hormones, Weight Loss, Digestion, Exercise Trends, and much, much more. The goal of the show is to inspire, motivate and educate. Matt Bouback is a health and lifestyle influencer. Matt has spent over 20 years in the health fitness industry coaching, training, teaching, educating and building a brand that focuses on a straight transparent and authentic approach through science and application. Having worked with thousands of trusted clients it has made him an industry leader and one of the more influential voices in America. Matt also plays a key role in Spartan Racing as an SGX Coach and is one the top endurance athletes in this sport. Matt is a Author, Speaker, and Certified Personal Trainer, Strength, Conditioning and Performance Coach and has worked with some of the top athletes in the U.S. You can follow him through his website: www.bossmanfitness.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bossman_fitness Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bossmanfitness
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