Ep. 15 - We Got A Guest Here 5/22/17

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May 22, 20172h 4m
Ep. 15 - We Got A Guest Here 5/22/17
May 22 '172h 4m
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Episode 15- We Got A Guest!- In this episode we brought in one of Alex's good friends and one of my favorite acquaintances (love you) Aerin Carreno! She is a lovely lady who loves sports. She has previously worked for the Spurs and Fox Sports. This one is a tad long but we had a good time with Aerin. The first hour we talked sports namely the Spurs, Aldridge (sawft), Pop, All-NBA, hitting weight goals, making a pitch for Rihanna, and dirty ass dumbbells. Hour 2 we hit the fun pop culture and stupid ridiculous topics such as the romphim, guys being bitter over dates, a lack of ninjas, and being slapped for making someone else chug.

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