Immigration and the Trump Administration

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Jun 28, 20181h 1m
Immigration and the Trump Administration
Jun 28 '181h 1m
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Chuck and Mark are on their own during today's show, deciphering the major headlines in the news and responding to some recent listener questions. The discussion kicks off by covering the recent issues with immigration and how the Democrats are turning the situation into an opportunity to blame President Trump. As they dig through the complexity of our immigration issues, Mark and Chuck discuss the recent aggression towards Trump's administration. The next discuss some of the questions that you have asked, including, Mueller's indictments against the 13 Russian companies, Trump's promise to eliminate Obamacare, and parts of the evolution debate. Chuck and Mark love your questions and do try to answer as many as possible. In upcoming shows, Chuck and Mark will be trying to answer even more. They enjoy a challenge and tackling the big questions, even if you don't agree with them. Add your questions, asked in a rational and respectful manner, in the comments below, leave a voicemail or reach out on Twitter @chuckwoolery or @markyoungtruth.

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