Lily ASMR- 100 Plays! :D

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Oct 14, 20183m
Lily ASMR- 100 Plays! :D
Oct 14 '183m
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Hello! I just wanted to thank you guys for over 100 plays on Lily ASMR. I couldn't have done this without you, and YOU made this happen, so: Thank You. If you would like to shoot me an email, you can find my address on my profile, and I will also link it at the end of this (business inquiries ONLY). Also, feel free to send me segments of you performing an ASMR trigger. No segments over 1 MINUTE, please. 3 lucky winners will have their segments featured in an upcoming episode. Stay tuned for bloopers, a Q&A, and a humming episode. Remember to always relax, breathe easy, and stay soothed. Thank you and goodnight ;) EMAIL: (business inquiries ONLY)

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