Apr 7, 20191h 51m
Dark Shadows with Jamie Loftus
Apr 71h 51m
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This week on Blank Check, comedian Jamie Loftus [The Bechdel Cast](https://www.bechdelcast.com/) discusses 2012's goth soap opera, Dark Shadows. But has Timmy "the boy from Burbank" Burton become the hill man in his later years? Where is Sullyville located in America? Why does the climatic fight scene only further reinforce ones disliking of Depp? Together they examine Jamie's history with the original series, Hot Topic's influence, the problem with Deadpool being someone's favorite comedian and Alfred Molina we stan. This episode is sponsored by [Stamps.com](http://stamps.com), [Robinhood](http://check.robinhood.com) and [Talkspace](https://talkspace.com/check) CODE: CHECK.

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