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May 22 '12
Rating:   2
Sound Quality Not Up To Modern Standards

This podcast makes two major mistakes. The sound quality is horrible. It has the fatal flaws of using the wrong microphone type for the purpose, and improperly processing the final sound for transmission. If you've ever wondered why a broadcast station sounds so good, it's because the microphone input is heavily digitally processed. In 2012 there are many superior and affordable alternatives resulting in very high quality sound. This podcast sadly sounds as if it were recorded in a small tiled bathroom. This is an unforgivable error in modern recording.The second problem is the annoying background rumble that makes the final sound mushy and relatively indistinct. Coupled with the Scottish accent which is difficult for Americans to pick up without practice and concentration, this unnecessary background noise has no real purpose, is distracting and actually hinders clarity. These problems are all the sadder because they can be so easily fixed with inexpensive modern technology and attention to quality.1 star is all it gets - because that is the lowest allowed. I'd give it 1/2 star if possible.

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