Spiritualism, Development Circles, and Ouija with Marion Hover - The Big Séance Podcast: My Paranormal World #37

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Jul 23, 201558m | se1 : e37
Spiritualism, Development Circles, and Ouija with Marion Hover - The Big Séance Podcast: My Paranormal World #37
Jul 23 '1558m | se1e37
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The United Kingdom really knows how to rock the whole Spiritualism thing. In Part 1 of my Mediumship in the UK series, platform medium Marion Hover shares a bit about her background with Spiritualism, two very cool experiences involving her mediumship, and her work with development circles and the Ouija. Visit BigSeance.com for more info!


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In this episode:

  • Episode Preview :00
  • Information about this and the next episode (Mediumship in the UK) 3:20
  • Meet Marion Hover! 5:46
  • What is a platform medium? 6:56
  • Marion’s background in the Spiritualist Church. 8:50
  • Development Circles/What does modern Spiritualism look like? 12:47
  • The amazing story of Marion helping a soul cross over 15:37
  • Marion’s nephew makes a spirit visit 21:36
  • More on Development Circles (and talk of the “Scole Group”) 27:23
  • Marion's experiences with Table Tipping and the Ouija Board 30:44
  • Marion's development group gets their first experience and early communication with the Ouija board 34:24
  • Who do they contact through the board? 35:42
  • Group energy, protecting yourself, and advice to Ouija users struggling to get communication using the board 38:50
  • Marion’s thoughts on summoning or calling on specific spirits for communication 42:36
  • Does spirit get frustrated when they’re communicating and we’re not receiving the message? 46:35
  • Not all paranormal activity is evil! Patrick tells of communication through the opening of a door of the cabinet holding spirit communication equipment. 47:53
  • Advice from Marion for people wanting to get involved in the Spiritualist Church or development groups 50:25
  • Shoutouts/Listener Feedback! Thank you! 54:41
  • Outtake 57:45



Pictured above are members of Marion's Green Heart Spiritualist Group. 


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