Podcast Origins | BMS | Ep 001


Jan 6, 20181h 1m | se1 : e1
Podcast Origins | BMS | Ep 001
Jan 6 '181h 1m | se1e1
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Key Points

Point #1: Toddler Hair to Bring New Techniques

  • Natural Beaded Rows (NBR) came about because of always having super fine hair and the desire to have full, great hair.
  • After looking at six different techniques and creating her own brand, Danielle realized that she is also an educator for a specific technique

Point #2: How to Become a Successful Business Owner

  • Big Money Stylist (BMS) came about through discussing the business aspect of being a salon owner, which is NOT covered in hair college.
  • It comes down to a marriage of being a business owner in front of the chair in order for the stylist to become an artist behind the chair.

Point #3: NBR Trainers: Val and Ani

  • It was an instant connection when Valerie Plunk found DKW Styling before even learning about BMS because of the desire that she also had to have bomb hair extensions.
  • As for Anianne Rivera, becoming part of BMS was getting pulled by the calling of learning the NBR technique.

Point #4: Carving Out Your Specific Niche

  • The desire of creating a specific niche in the hair industry by creating an environment for a stylist to solely do NBR brought about the training and podcasts
  • There's only so much that can be shared on an instagram post, so the next natural course of action became setting up trainings, conventions, and now the podcasts.

Point #5: Setting the Artist Free

  • Taking NBR to the marketplace became a solution to setting the Artist within the hair stylist free.
  • In order to do that, the Artist needs to know the business side behind the chair to make the art a reality.

What's Covered Every Week, Every Month:

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Week #2: Production and Perspective
Week #3: Profit
Week #4: Protection

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