The 62nd New Big Lip Radio Podcast

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Aug 21, 20191h 3m
The 62nd New Big Lip Radio Podcast
Aug 211h 3m
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In this weeks mind tantilizing episode... The crew celebrates Pappa Js Birthday by Zmunny handing him a slew of Presents to open on the show...LIVE! The guys then dive into a suprisingly good snack review of some Harkings popcorn as well as the redbull drink of the month. Nostalgia still plays a vital roll on the show! go to any of our social media and guss this weeks game to win a prize. Pappa J gives up the lowdown on the new sega genesis console (not the genesis mini). We round the show of with Movie Minute review, Pappa J describes his pick (death wish) as we all ooohhh and aaaaawww over the great ammount of action that Brice brings to our hearts. Anyways, we will keep it goin witht eh Bruce theme and Zach will pick Red on Hulu. Go to to see everything else we have to offer.

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