The 61st New Big Lip Radio Podcast

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Aug 14, 20191h 5m
The 61st New Big Lip Radio Podcast
Aug 141h 5m
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HAHAAA on this weeks episode, the guys start the show of with the WINNER of the "Give Zmunny, Pappa Js SNES mini" has been announced. The guys then go into Snack Review and a lil bit of Hot Topic discussion. The second half of the show, the hosts guess what game they thing this weeks NOSTALGIA clue is. You can also guess on any of Big Lip Radios social media @biglipradio. The guys wrap up the show with some WWE Summer Slam discussion and Zmunny has a moral issue ans Jerads Movie Minute Review. This weeks movie to review for next episode is called Death wish, which you can find on amazon prime. Tune in next Tuesday at 7pm for the live stream. be sure to go to https://www, to see what else BLR has to offer!

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