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Jun 16, 20171h 6m
Jun 16 '171h 6m
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MARION ROSE and ME chat mainly through messenger, completely channelled and cheerleading. And this podcast was intended to just bring. Another instalment in our ENTREPRENEURS EAVESDROPPING SESSIONS!MARION ROSE and chat mainly through.

We work through Big Dreams Decisions together. We catch each other's energy when it's off and send love and engaged energy each others way. When needed. 

Topics Marion + Me on our BIG DREAMS DECISIONS making processing - (listen in to see why I keep saying this the 'wrong' but right way for us!):

  • #FBNutCracking and how we support eachother organically, naturally and genuinely. 
  • Comparison, Competition & Collaboration - how we each deal with comparison and thoughts on competition.
  • Flops being Feedback... talking through the Big Dreams Decisions we're making right now (you get to hear live and alive us working through Big Dreams Decisions!)
  • Effects of not Listening.
  • Our 2017 plans and how they came together 
  • Our out-of-the-blue downloads and how they happen 
  • Letting go of the old, loving it and letting it go
  • How we decided what courses to run in 2017 
  • "Thinky" Decisions vs "Big Dreams" Decisions 
  • Looney Launching vs Little Launching (what's the difference) - don't miss this part of the conversation 
  • Substance Streaming, Sequences and SIMPLE and SPACIOUS! (and listen how excited we got about it) 
  • Nutting out our Business Models for 2017 
  • Big Dreams Solidarity 
  • Claiming and Owning who you are
  • Avoiding burn out 
  • Little GREMLIN 
  • The THINKY GREMLIN leading you down the CREATIVE DISTRACTION road and onto BURN OUT street!
  • My BIG boo of "Looney Launch" 
  • A full circle moment around letting go of identities 
  • A STORY ABOUT CARS and CIRCLES stick around for that... it's worth the whole listen!

This was literally MARION & ME making a BIG DREAM DECISION together and fleshing it out.

it's a part of my ENTREPRENEURS EAVESDROPPING sessions, because I feel hearing a conversation is so much more valuable than an interview. So I'm claiming and owning this new way of doing interviews, because I've never been an 'interviewer' type. This works better for me and flows better too. So hope you like it. 

HASHTAG #MARION&JANA if you want more of these. We're thinking of keeping you updated in 3 months time! 

Love Jana xx





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